A celebrated and inspiring lecturer, Grecco regularly speaks to sold-out audiences internationally on his signature use of light, dramatic portraiture, creativity, and digital workflow solutions. He is known for his ability to break down conceptual creativity and technique into easy understandable steps that any audience can follow.




Creativity: From Inspiration to Success

About this seminar:

In his signature keynote speech, Creativity: From Inspiration to Success, Grecco uses examples of his own signature work to break down the creative process into its core elements, remedy common stumbling blocks, and reveal personal secrets on how to unlock the creative genius inside to create unparalleled success.


Lighting and the Dramatic Portrait

About this seminar:

The practical extension of his international bestselling book “Lighting and the Dramatic Portrait”, acclaimed master portraiture photographer Michael Grecco reveals coveted trade secrets, signature lighting diagrams, and use of specialty equipment. Professional photographers will learn how to translate, stage, and capture highly conceptual visions to produce powerful printed images. It is advantageous to have the printed book or an ebook available at your event.


How to Shoot and Deliver the Perfect Digital File

About this seminar:

This keynote is a hands-on seminar diving deep into an often misunderstood process – the workflow. An image may be worth a thousand words but it is only printable if the file is prepared to now-current standards. Grecco will give your audience pointers on how to get style into their images, and how to create the perfect file for easy publishing for your clients and leading consumer magazines


The 7 Most Critical Steps to Grow Your Photography Business

About this seminar:

It’s a rare and coveted opportunity to look behind the curtain of a successful photography enterprise and learn its success secrets. Michael Grecco graciously teaches your audience how to grow (and recession-proof) their businesses by maximizing existing revenue streams, diversifying photographic services, and win top-paying clients


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