Michael Grecco and Flixel Studios Make Advertising History

January 4th, 2016

Michael Grecco Shoots First Ever Cinemagraph as a Broadcast Ad for Pizza Hut

In a world of oversaturation, overstimulation, and overexposure, the cinemagraph is what the advertising world needed; a visually fresh approach different enough to catch the viewers’ attention, yet familiar enough to be effective. Case in point, AdWeek calls the cinemagraph Grecco created for Pizza Hut’s Billy on the Street spot,

“…eye-catching, even hypnotic.”

A cinemagraph is part film, part still photograph. You can shoot still, motion or a combination of both to create the end result. Ultimately, it usually looks like a still photograph with elements of the background and/or foreground highlighted in either a short looped or linear video feed.

On top of being a completely new approach to broadcast advertising, cinemagraphs are equally, if not more, useful via current social media platforms. Philippe LeBlanc, co-founder and CEO of cinemagraph software company Flixel agrees,

“…autoplay makes it feel much more natural.”

The end result is the perfect way to embed something new, yet comfortable, into ones usual surroundings. Compound the incubator social media provides the cinemagraph with the mesmerization it invokes in a broadcast media environment, one can only conclude it is the best medium for visual ad campaigns. – Michael

Curious for more? Watch the Behind the Scenes

Michael Grecco Shoots Live Cinemagraphs For 67th Annual Emmy Awards

September 30th, 2015

One of the favorite parts of my job is the creative problem solving that has to happen for any photoshoot. Problem solving is something I am known for and I love it. I was asked by Flixel Studios to create a backstage studio at the Emmy’s to shoot cinemagraphs for the Television Academy’s social media images at the 67th Annual Emmy Awards. The challenge here was to figure out how to make a dynamic motion and a dynamic still element, the two components needed for a great cinemagraph.





When the Magic Happens – with Virtuoso Violinist Lindsey Stirling

July 21st, 2015

As a portrait shooter sometimes you are only as good as your subject. What I mean by that is you can light and create the most amazing conceptual scenario, but if your subject is not into it, then it does not work. The magic happens when there is a wonderful collaboration of ideas and energy between the subject and myself.

Take a recent shoot I did with YouTube sensation and virtuoso violinist Lindsey Stirling – I can know how to light it and have some ideas, but when she turns it on, what we do together becomes magic.

– Michael